Charities & Support

Here is a list of charities across Ireland offering support and guidance

Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families from 40 locations in 14 counties. Covering childhood to adulthood their expert teams work with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage.


Polio Survivors Ireland

Polio Survivors Ireland is an organisation set up by Polio Survivors to assist their fellow survivors, particularly in relation to the Late Effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome. The Group was formed in 1993 and is run by a voluntary Board of Polio Survivors and friends. It is supported by voluntary committees, other voluntary workers and a small executive staff at the office in Dublin.


Irish Heart Foundation and Stroke in Ireland

The Irish Heart Foundation has been working since 1966 to reduce premature death and disability from stroke and heart disease in Ireland. As the national charity in Ireland for cardiovascular health, the Irish Heart Foundation understands that stroke has a devastating effect on people throughout Ireland.


MS Ireland

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is the only national organisation providing information, support and advocacy services to the MS community. They work with people with MS, their families and carers and a range of key stakeholders including health professionals, students and other interested in or concerned about MS to ensure that they meet their goals.


Irish Amputee Football Association

The Irish Amputee Football Association (IAFA) was set up in April 2011 and operates under the FAI's Football For All programme. The IAFA provides any person with an amputation, congenital deficiency, or other limb affecting disorder with the opportunity to access Amputee Football at grassroots, club and national level.


Amputee IE

Amputee IE aims to empower amputees to achieve independance, participation, social and occupational integration in the life of the community