Regaining independence after polio

Post-polio syndrome (PPS) can cause a wide range of symptoms which can have a serious impact on everyday life. Fatigue, muscle weakness and muscle and joint pain are just some symptoms that are experienced by polio suffers.

Therapy of polio

The damage to the nervous system from polio can range from a slight loss of mobility to permanent paralysis of the thigh muscles. Physiotherapy combined with treatment with an orthosis can help the person affected to regain the greatest possible mobility and independence following acute illness. Innovative medical-technological aids such as the E-MAG Active, a made-to-measure electronically controlled orthotic joint system, open up new ranges of motion combined with the highest level of safety in everyday life.

Have a look below at the different products we offer that could aid your mobility and independence.

E-MAG Active

The E-MAG Active stance control orthosis becomes a walking partner, not just a standing support. This leg brace allows you to change speeds while automatically bending as you walk.


Free Walk

The FreeWalk stance control orthosis reacts to your movement by locking the knee joint, ready for you to step forward with stability and confidence.