Living with shoulder pain

Shoulder brace to treat shoulder pain following stroke

Incidence rates of the painful shoulder in early rehabilitaiont after stroke are reported to range from 15-40%.

Shoulder brace – Omo Neurexa

Omo Neurexa is a comfortable shoulder orthosis which corrects and stabilises the paretic shoulder thereby facilitating rehabilitation.

The Omo Neurexa was developed and tested by Prof. Dr. med Stefan Hesse (Head of the neurological department at the Medical Park, Berlin, Humboldtmühle). The product was specifically designed for patients suffering from shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) due to stroke and other neurological conditions. Omo Neurexa can be worn during therapy and stimulates the muscles. Pain is alleviated, so it helps increase your activity levels.

Made of a comfortable, soft and temperature-regulating material, PCM, Omo Neurexa can be worn all day. The material prevents an excessive build-up of heat.


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