Above-knee prosthesis with: C-Leg

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Happy 15th Birthday C-Leg!

Yes, the C-Leg is now 15 years old and in that time, it has become the most popular Microprocessor Knee Joint ever launched.

To mark its success, we have decided to let you in on the celebrations too…

From 1st October 2014, when you order a C-Leg you will also receive our 5 Year Extended Warranty free of charge*!

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The microprocessor prosthetic leg that started a revolution

Now available in black!

Ottobock introduced the world to the very first fully microprocessor-controlled knee in 1997. The C-Leg caused an immediate sensation and has since become the most popular microprocessor prosthetic leg in history. Since its introduction, over 40,000 people have taken advantage of the C-Leg’s proven function and stability and helped to make C-Leg technology the Standard of Care for above knee amputees.

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Comfortable connection.

To ensure a secure, comfortable fit, your socket will be created to uniquely fit your limb. The fit of the socket is so important that people can have trouble walking with the prosthesis – all because of a socket fit problem! To prevent that, you should work with your prosthetist to make sure your socket fits perfectly. Learn more about sockets and liners at Prosthetics 101

Constant measuring = stability as you walk

The “knee angle sensor” constantly measures the angle and speed of your knee joint. It gives the microprocessor the information needed for dynamic control during swing phase and stability while standing.

Smooth, natural strides

A “moment sensor” located in the tube adapter measures the movement of your ankle. From the moment your heel strikes the ground until your toe lifts off it, this sensor lets the microprocessor know exactly where you are in your walking cycle and provides the appropriate support.

Electronics calibrated to your individual gait

Algorithms based on thousands of gait cycles are built into C-Leg software. Working with you, your prosthetist programs the software to your gait. Gathering data from sensors in real time, the C-Leg knows where you are in your gait cycle, and thus determines the resistance (support) you need.

Protected electronics

Attached caps covering the electronics add security and improve protection from moisture and foreign matter. A few splashes here and there – no problem.

A reliable, responsive foundation

Any of the Triton feet from Ottobock is a good match for your C-Leg. You get stability and control as well as outstanding dynamics, ready for everyday life and activities.

Hours of power

The Lithium-Ion battery provides you with 40 – 45 hours of power before re-charging is needed.

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Stop worrying about falls

With its sensors, C-Leg knows when you’re in an insecure position. During a trip or stumble, it increases resistance to provide the support you need to recover before you fall.

Stability and flexibility

No matter the terrain or your speed, the C-Leg is always thinking about security, so you don’t have to. You can speed up, slow down, and go down stairs step‑over‑step with the assurance that the C-Leg is there for you.

Multiple modes for multiple activities

You’ve got more than one speed – so does C-Leg! The C-Leg offers two activity modes, set by your prosthetist at your request. You can program for your most common activities, such as specific job tasks or riding a bike.

Stand at ease

C-Leg’s standing mode gives you support with your knee flexed between 7º and 70º. Just by having that flex, you’ll find you use less energy while standing. Washing dishes or standing in line is suddenly more comfortable.

Easy going

Getting your prosthetic leg into motion is easy with the support from a C-Leg microprocessor. The smooth, natural start to your “swing phase” gives you the freedom and control you need to meet the challenges of your everyday life.

Every step is smooth and secure

Choose one of the Triton feet or Trias foot from Ottobock to complete your C-Leg system:

  • the lightweight Triton carbon fiber foot with exceptionally smooth control;
  • the Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design;
  • the Triton Harmony® with integrated vacuum technology;
  • the Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions), or
  • the Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room.

Stability and function in the palm of your hand

Switching between activity modes is easy by pressing the wireless remote control or bouncing on the toe.

Proven results

C-Leg has been the subject of more peer-reviewed, published clinical studies than any other microprocessor knee in history. No other microprocessor knee on the market comes close to C-Leg’s record of results.

How the C-Leg works

How the C-Leg Works

The innovative C-Leg was designed to reproduce the functions of a biological leg. Click here to see a video about how the C-Leg's microprocessor-controlled hydraulic system performs throughout your walking pattern (gait cycle) to give you stability and control.


C-Leg system components

Please go to the Downloads tab on this page to download a list of C-Leg components and their product numbers.

Triton feet

Choose any of the Triton feet from Ottobock to complete your C-Leg system:

The lightweight Triton carbon fibre foot with exceptionally smooth control

The Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design

The Triton Harmony with integrated vacuum technology

The Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions

The Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room

Technical info

C-Leg specifications

Highly stable yet lightweight carbon fibre frame

Patient weight: Max. 300 lbs*/136 kg

Weight of the knee joint only: about 2.8 lbs / 1,145 g

Height of the knee joint only: about 8 inches / 20 cm

Adjustable activity modes: 2

Operating time with fully charged battery: 40 to 45 hours

Maximum possible knee flexion angle: 125°

*Must be used with tube adapter 2R82= 120-240 to reach this weight limit. Other adapters reduce to 275 lbs maximum weight. See your prosthetist for specifics.


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