Above-knee Sport & Running prosthesis

The only sport & fitness prosthesis designed for above-knee amputees

Pure sport

Along a beach, over a trail, on the track . . . there’s nothing like the satisfaction of a good workout.

Ottobock’s Fitness Prosthesis makes it possible to get up and moving again.

The only running prosthesis designed and developed for above-knee amputees, this prosthetic leg can help you increase strength and mobility while enhancing your overall health and well-being. And, if you’re an athlete in training, this is the prosthesis you need.

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Solid foundation

Two choices of soles add even more versatility and performance to the prosthesis. The all-terrain tread provides just the right amount of grip for a variety of running surfaces while the spiked tread is designed specifically for use on a track.

Performance to match your workout level

Built to accommodate rapid changes in running speeds, the Fitness Knee will keep up no matter the intensity of your workout routine. Durable and responsive, the knee’s compact, lightweight design is a bonus for amputee runners at all fitness levels – from weekend jogs to competitive sprints. You’ll also appreciate the manual lock for security during warm-ups, stretching or other activities.

Powerful lift-off

You’ll get an easy, powerful “lift-off” from a secure foot strike every time, thanks to a lightweight, durable carbon spring. This foot is available in six different stiffness levels to provide the precise blend of dynamic performance for your personal running style.

Comfortable fit.

To ensure a comfortable fit, your socket will be created to uniquely fit your limb. Especially during running, the fit of the socket is vitally important. To prevent problems, you should work with your prosthetist to make sure your socket fits perfectly. Liners can add another layer of comfort for your limb. We even have liners that fend off bacteria and odor as well – great for workouts! Learn more about sockets, liners, and sleeves at Prosthetics 101.

Advantages to you

Advantages for you

High impact durability

The robust 3S80 Running Prosthetic Leg is designed to withstand the wear and tear of any workout level, no matter if you’re an athlete in training or a weekend jogger.

Ready for any terrain

Your options are many, whether you’re on a track or uneven outdoor terrain. Choose the Sprinter Foot level of stiffness and the Fitness Sole tread that match your personal running style.

Security with power

Fast changes in speed are no problem for this leg; it won’t slow you down and still provides a secure foot strike for powerful strides.

Technical info

3S80 Fitness Knee Specifications

Max. body weight - 220 lbs

Weight of prosthesis - 682 g

Max. flexion angle - 135°


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