Keira’s C-Leg

Keira runs her own charity helping other amputees re-build their lives through participation in sports and arts.

“During June 2001 whilst directing an exhibition in Paris I was involved in a catastrophic road accident, which involved an 11 hour operation and the amputation of my right leg through the knee. Following two further operations I eventually found myself being an above knee amputee, with serious damage to my shoulder which included six breaks. While undergoing rehabilitation at Queen Mary’s Hospital Roehampton I was invited to become a Trustee of the Limbless Association.

I have since started my own charity called LimbPower, which focuses on helping amputees rebuild their lives through participation in sports and arts. We focus on the physical, social and psychological rehabilitation of amputees and the ambulant disabled.

I have dedicated the last 11 years of my life to supporting and encouraging amputees to rebuild their lives. The most powerful experience for a new amputee is to see another amputee with a similar level of amputation and injuries complete tasks they thought they would not be able to do. In addition to the incredible support from healthcare professionals the key to good rehabilitation is the best prosthetics and the opportunity to pursue sports and arts in a conducive and supported environment among one’s peers. This rebuilds self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Since becoming an amputee I have walked the Great Wall of China, cycled along the River Nile, Trekked in Cuba, cycled from Lands’ End to John O’Groats and from London to Paris, my latest challenge will be to participate in the 2013 London Marathon for the Limbless Association using the Ottobock 3S80 sports knee and the 1E90 carbon spring Sprinter foot prostheses to run on.

I would not have been able to do any of these challenges without the best prosthetics. For the bike rides I use the 3R106 Knee Joint and for the treks I wear a C-Leg. I have now had a C-Leg for eight years, which has enabled me to carry out everyday activities and most importantly given me the confidence to carry my children without fear of dropping them. Prior to wearing the C-Leg I didn’t even have the confidence to carry shopping without falling over.”